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The Storyteller’s Greatest Secret

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The world's status quo is being destroyed by a brutal enemy as destructive as Godzilla. This villain is attacking the environment and the economy, across all cultural boundaries. The enemy is "change." While some change is positive, the negative forces of change challenge every aspect of our lives - today more than any time in history.
But an unexpected hero has emerged. This hero has the power to embrace and combat the negative effects of change, and transform any idea into a magnet for good that attracts an incredible volume of support. This hero is "the story," and the story - throughout history, has proven its universal power to mold, shape and influence lives in a profound way.
In "The Storyteller’s Greatest Secret," you will learn how the power of storytelling can transform your idea into a powerhouse of distinctive value to attract interest and generate growth. The methodology used to create the world's most memorable, successful and effective stories will be revealed. showing how that structure can be harnessed to build your own all-important story.
This presentation is an exciting journey that demonstrates how to use storytelling to inform, entertain and influence. By examining some of Hollywood's most legendary films, and exploring the cultural. technological. and economic boundaries of business lore, the storyteller's ability to attract interest and initiate action will be showcased in a way you'll never forget.

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