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The No Budget Talk Show (Episode 2)

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Another no budget talk show Jimmy? Really? You just posted one of these like a month and a half ago, are you out of ideas or what? No, fucker. This is my way of giving you an update on things. This was also supposed to come out like 3 weeks ago back when I was way more pissed about everyone stealing that football video (and believe me, I was fucking pissed) but this TV show came up quite suddenly and I didn't have time to come up with a video plan. With that being said, I do plan on putting out at least 52 videos this year (that's an average of 1 per week for those of you who are slow with #'s (that's a number sign for those of you who think I just said slow with hashtags)) so don't go falling asleep. There's for sure a video coming out next week and the week after that.

You also may be thinking, 'Jimmy, why would you make this video where you're essentially just venting to yourself about problems with the digital world?' and I could go on and on and on about this but here's the simple version. I put a lot of money into these videos. So far, I've had over 300 stolen grant a wish videos taken down totaling almost 100 million illegal views. Wait, Jimmy, that sounds like a fuckton of money to lose with no legal consequences for anyone who stole it. I know right? You'd probably be pissed too.

Anyways, I'm fine now. Hopefully I can give you more information on this series pretty soon. Also hoping I can give you more information on all of the other things going on because there's a lot of stuff in the oven right now. There's also something that I just finished marinating that I'm going to put in as soon as I can take out the other stuff. The oven isn't quite big enough to fit all that stuff. I also have something that I just took out of the oven that looks really good but I need to let it cool off before I serve it to you guys. Either way, I hope you're hungry.

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