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Creative Uses For Painter's Tape

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Here is what you'll need!

Hanging something on the wall

Stretch a piece of painter's tape across the back of the frame over the two holes. Use a sharp object such as a nail to mark the two holes by puncturing through the tape. Use this tape to mark the distance between the holes on the wall.
Tape down a small bag under where you are drilling. Bag will catch crumbs.

Hanging temporary wall hanging such as a tapestry
Tape down the width of the temporary wall hanging and apply generous amount of hot glue over the tape. Press the hanging on the hot glue. This will peel off clean from the wall (and from fabric).

Sewing a button
Use tape to temporarily hold down a button while sewing. This will prevent slipping.

Making a sticker
Outline sticker shape on a piece of parchment paper. Cover entire area with tape. Cut along the outline. Peel and stick!

Use as stencil
Use painter’s tape to create patterns before painting or spray painting.

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