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Cost of Living in Vietnam - How much money do you need to to live in Vietnam?

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What is the real cost of living in Vietnam? How much do you need everyday to live well in vietnam? There is 3 main area where you will spend your money. Food, Rent and entertainment.

Food: Food is much cheaper when it is grown locally. when it needs to be imported then it is much more expensive, prettu much the same price than in north america.
So locally grown chicken fully cooked are 4$ US (half the price than USA)
Locally grown tomato, 50 cents for a full bag.
But Beef and steak are regular western price because they are imported from australia. So if you bootstrap, eat local food and cook at home, you can get by 5$/day. If you still cook at home but eat more varied food, 10$/day should be plenty. So 300$/month for food.

Rent. Where you live is another major expense but you can have it quite cheap. When you just arrived, you can rent hotel room for about 10$_night. Then you can move to a fully furnished room in District 1 (downtown) for 250$_month. Appartment will cost you 300$+ depending of loation and how hard you are ready to search.

Entertainment. This will probably be the most expensive part when you just arrived here. You want to visit everything and you dont want to just stay at home. Coffee in a vietnamese coffee shop is around 1-2$. A night out will cost you around 20$. (depending on what and where you go) You could spend a $200-300 dollars on a bottle service in a high end club also. but i much rather go in the local place and just have dinner than a few beers while going to a lounge or just go have beers in the backpacker area. (bui vien street) This should cost you a minimum of 500$/month when you just get here.

So yes you can live of 600$/month but that's when you don't spend much on entertainmet. If you wanna meet people and eat oustside, this will be the biggest part of your expenses.

If you wanna learn how I can afford to live in S-E asia without a 9-5 job, read my blog:

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