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5 DAYS UNTIL BfA - Greenman Challenge | GOOD MORNING AZEROTH World of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth

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PREPATCH IS OUT RIGHT NOW! 8.0 brings WAR MODE, STAT SQUISH, NEW CLASS DESIGN, and NEW STORY! 6 days until the 24 hour stream and full release of BATTLE FOR AZEROTH! Check out the Battle for Lordaeron in the mean time. Patrons get to vote on what we do every Wednesday or Thursday and today they chose -

GOOD MORNING AZEROTH! The morning talkshow/gameplay every weekday at 9am EST. Talking about all things #Warcraft - mount farming, gold farming, just plain old farming - and having our cup of coffee and waking up together! #goodmorningazeroth

The Burning Legion has been defeated during it's INVASION of Azeroth! However, the damage has been done and Sargeras has plunged his sword into the heart of our world - and she's dying. The Horde and the Alliance are at each others throats, each trying to acquire MORE sources of power while simultaneously trying to save the Titan Soul Azeroth.

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